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Are you ready to add a little more glam, become privy to ideas, fixes, and life hacks to save you time & energy, yet still get more out of your beauty regimen? Are you ready to start adding more style and polish to your life in a few simple steps? Right now you own a wealth of underused items and products that can add tremendous value and style to your life, in a few easy steps.  You can find it all right here in my book: Glam Over.

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  • How small details can have BIG rewards
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  • Hidden time savers for a fast and fabulous look
  • Routines, products, and foods that can affect your confidence, your health, and improve every area of life

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  • You’re a career woman who has to do beauty on the go
  • You like fashion, beauty and styling, but feel it takes too much time
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  • You enjoy trying new experiences, and learning new information

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