7 Steps to Surviving the Summer Glamorously

Hello everybody! The summer is almost upon us!  Memorial Day is normally the holiday that signals the beginning of the summer season, filled with, vacations, all kinds of activities, and fun, fun, fun! As your summer schedule fills up, you want to be able to go through your summer and have some go-to hairstyles you enjoy, work well for you, and survive the summer heat! So to help you really enjoy this freer time and hot weather, but keep the fab style you want, here are my seven steps to  surviving the summer glamorously: 


1. Check your calendar. What do you have planned? Will you be traveling? Taking the kids for swim lessons? Busy and on the go? Often times during the summer our schedules change in a major way and thusly so does our beauty regimen. Planning out our summer hair styles is the best way to look fabulous all summer long! 

2. Access your Mane. How does your hair hold up? In the heat? Humidity? Summer activity? Can you put your hair in a protective style and it will last for a couple of months? Think about the styles that you have had previously which ones you love which ones you hated and consider re-vamping one of your favorite past looks and bring it current.


3. Make a quick summer beauty Inspo Page. Whether you like to cut and paste physically or log into Pinterest find an avenue to pull some inspiration from current fashion. Find out what is trending and what will fit in with your current style and lifestyle.

4. Make a decision. The quickest way to not get what you want is to never decide and make a decision about what you actually want. Choose a look and try it. Don’t be so afraid to try new things, you can never find what you really like if you don’t try. The summer is a great time to try out something new, it’s a much more forgiving season. Don’t dillydally around for months and months thinking about styles that you would like to try never trying. Pick about five styles that would be nice and narrow it down to two.


5. Go to the Professional. Take your summer styling ideas to your hairstylist and get their input. Many times, a stylist that has previously worked with your hair and understands your lifestyle can make a great summer style suggestion for you. A professional stylist can keep your goals in mind when suggesting a summer style for you, whether that be hair growth and protection, ease of styling, or fab water friendly styles because you’ll be soaked all summer long. Take their opinion into consideration but don’t be bound by it. If there’s something that you really have been wanting to try go ahead and try it. Make sure that you aren’t doing anything that will damage your hair, the worst thing is to do in the summer is looking cute but your hair took a beating. If you are local to Central Florida I would love to have a consultation with you and see what great things we can come up with for your summer style! You can book with me on www.vagro.com/eshetodd. I look forward to seeing you in the salon!

6. Go for it. Make the appointment take a leap and try that new summer look. It’s hair for Pete’s sake! It grows every day. What’s the worse thy cooked happen? (I know, famous last words) Honestly though, don’t be so stuck in your ways that you will never step out and try anything new. There are so many ways to adjust hair color or cut or style, honestly there are very few things that can’t be fixed in the hair world and if you’re fearing permanent damage when you sit down then you’re probably sitting in the wrong chair to begin with. After you get your new summer look be sure to invest in any products that you may need to go along with your summer hair care regimen.


7. Enjoy your new Summer Look! Have fun! Embrace the style that you have chosen. Allow yourself a little while to adjust to any type of new look. Style it in new fun ways that you haven’t tried before. Use vacations and time away to try new hats, hairbands and pinups that you normally wouldn’t try while at work or home. Enjoy your summer season, it goes by so fast!