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Instantly Increase Your Income: The Importance of Diversifying:

We as stylists are VERY familiar with the normal cycle of making $$$ behind the chair. But not all of us will be the “celebrity /upscale” stylist, with the ability to leverage our position for higher fees. (Though I do believe in raising your rates – more on this later). Short of longer days in the salon (and away from our families), here are 3 tips to increase your income instantly

  1. 1. RAISE YOUR RATES – Know your worth, and the worth of your quality work. If you’ve been working on your craft, and it’s been a couple years, then it’s time. If you’ve added to your skill set, if you’ve broadened your service offerings, then it’s time. As you increase your skill, and the service you provide to you clientele, don’t be afraid to raise your rates – YOU’RE WORTH IT.

2. Find/create a Non-Chair Dependent Product: TO SELL – Our industry gives us access to a varied set of products and abilities. An easy way to instantly increase income is to offer a product/service that requires A: No Work - you’re just retailing/reselling an item that’s already produced. B: Create a product or item to be sold, or C: A product that can be manufactured outside of the salon. Easy suggestions: hair/lashes/makeup pallettes/informational products.

3. The Tried & True: Salon Ownership – Your own place of business can function as a profit center in so many ways:

A: Booth rental or commission based stylist income

B: Retail center for industry products,

C: Multipurpose location for workshops & industry themed events,

D: Expand your offerings into spa, massage, tanning, blow dry bar – so many options are available.

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