Summer Lull = Summer Dull Hair

4 Tips to Avoid the Summer Season Hair Lull:


Always wet your hair before diving into a pool. Your hair is like a sponge, so you want to wet it and add some leave in conditioner before your get in any chlorinated or salt water. This will prevent your hair from absorbing excessive amounts of the pool water. When your hair is bone dry it is far more absorbent of the elements, much like a sponge, so fill it up with some protection first.

Be cautious of the wet styling. Hair is most susceptible to breakage when wet so be careful of brushing your hair back in wet ponytails as a habit. This happens a lot with my curly hair clients and it almost always

ends in breakage. Usually not just from the brushing and pulling but from the tight ponytail holders rubbing on wet hair.

       Choose any protective style wisely. Braids, sew-ins, extensions etc… First select a trusted source and licensed professional to do this for you. Next be sure your hairline is not being pulled too tight, this part of your hair is very fragile to begin with, so you want to make sure that it’s not overly taxed. This can cause things like traction alopecia or worse. Lastly, don’t leave these styles in too long, because your hair will begin to lock at the root after enough new growth has come out. Once this happens in excess it causes damage and breakage when you’re taking it down, not to mention that it makes the process much more painful.

Visit your regular hairstylist in the salon to make sure all is well. If you don’t have a regular hairstylist, get one. If you’re in the Central Florida area, come see me :o). Schedule 24/7 at for a consult today, they’re always FREE! Even if it’s just for a quick consultation or product purchase. Check to insure you are on the right track, this quick trip can save you tons of time and money in the long run not to mention heartbreak in the fall.