Decisions, Decisions


When I first graduated from cosmetology school, I was faced with several options of “landing spots” - being a “down” girl from Detroit, and having been styling hair since adolescence, there was the familiar pull of your normal “urban” salon, and the continuation of “business as usual”. Then there was the somewhat polar opposite of that: the mall/Regis/Hair Cuttery retail type position (I knew without hesitation, this was NOT for me, no questions asked) Then there was a third option, (and the one I ultimately chose): a surburban salon and day spa, more of a commute out of my area, commission based not booth, and a type of clientele that was a departure from what I’d known. A challenge to say the least, but ended up being a pivotal time of experience for me, and added facets to my development I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Of course I knew none of this going in, but luckily for me, I had a coach. This coach is actually the reason I went into hairstyling in the first place (I was well on my way to being a family therapist – whaddya know, I made it there anyway…..). My coach counseled me to choose environments that challenge me, that would force me to improve, change, and learn in order to thrive.  

I’m telling you, coaching is a vital ingredient growth & accomplishment.

  1. Coaching gives you perspective you may miss.
  2. Coaching provides course correction to keep you on track.
  3. Coaching challenges you to overcome, and encourage you in times of discouragement.
  4. They help you to strategize and blueprint your path to success.
  5. They provide connection and favor to open doors of opportunity, adding imagination and creativity to your situation.
  6. Coaching provides progress reports on your development.

If you don’t have a coach yet that adds these elements to your journey, its time to find one – and if you’re in the beauty industry, you’re in luck: my “How to Boost Your Beauty Biz in 30 Days Program is available for all beauty professionals. Learn the strategies and techniques to growing your brand and your business exponentially.